LTY Fitness, Personal Training Services, Vancouver Island, BC

Hi, my name is Susan Elo. I am a certified Personal Trainer and Medical Exercise Specialist, focusing on adult and senior fitness and post-surgery rehabilitation. I live in the Mill Bay, BC area, with clients throughout the Cowichan Valley. If you live in this area, I will come to your home or your favourite gym and together we will work out a comprehensive fitness program to meet your needs.

And now, as of April 2020, I am welcoming clients online, through Zoom. I am very excited to be able to help people outside of my area who need my particular skills. It’s easy and it’s fun, so check it out!

FOTG_logo-tagI am supported in my business by Fitness on the Go, a Canadian company whose vision matches mine: to bring high quality personal training right into people’s homes. Our island team is growing and ready to serve; if my skills don’t match your needs, I can call on one of my colleagues to help you.

I design safe and effective personal training programs, addressing weight and fitness concerns, sports requirements, and age-specific issues such as arthritis and osteoporosis. I have a particular interest and training in back problems as well as specific experience working with clients with MS and Parkinson’s.

My goal is to help you stay healthy and fit so that you can fully participate in the activities you love, well into your 80s and 90s. Even more important, I want both of us to have fun as we learn what works best for you.

Testimonial, from Bethanny

“I’ve been one of those off and on people when it comes to exercise (mostly off). I’m changing that with Sue’s help. I acquired a bionic right hip last year (I’m 63) and now that I have it, I’ve had to build up my muscles to match up. After hiring Sue, I’ve managed to get back into walking, riding my motorcycle, and even kayaking as of this week (to name a few) I can hang with my feet off the floor to a count of 15… that is a miracle for me as I couldn’t get my feet OFF the floor. I am so excited each and every week to see the changes I’ve accomplished. I didn’t think I could do this on my own… well, I hadn’t yet hence I decided to obtain Sue’s services and I’m glad I did this for myself, after all, I’m worth it… it’s taken a long time to realize that enough to take action!”

Please take a few minutes to review my background, favourite recipes, interesting science-based articles, services and prices. Best deal/most fun: train with a friend!